Revamping Your Outdoor Area During COVID-19

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Many Australians saw big changes to their lives over the past couple of months. There was a huge shift in our daily routines and our interactions with others as well as where we spend most of our days.

In order to ensure the safety of community, we are encouraged to spend more time in our homes. While it might be an adjustment, this can be a great time to work on creating the home space you’ve always dreamed of. Homes are our sanctuary, now more than ever.

Benefits of Having a Home Garden Space

There’s a reason people love walking in parks or spending the day out at the beach. Surrounding yourself with nature and green plants can have a whole host of benefits. Which is why it’s a key element to have in your home as well.

  • Having more plants in an area will help improve air quality due to the photosynthesis process.
  • Multiple studies have shown that the addition of plants and green spaces can help reduce anxiety and fatigue.
  • It creates a visually pleasing element in your home and encourages you to have a little space to go when you need to relax.

Taking the First Step: Artificial or Real Lawns?

If you don’t already have a lawn in your home, you might be wondering the best way to get one. Installing either artificial or real lawns are a great way to get started on your at-home jungle oasis. Here are the differences between artificial lawns and real lawns.


Artificial Lawns

Real Lawns

· No maintenance

· Absorbs heat from sunlight so some types of artificial turf can get very hot

· Green all year round

· Savings on water

· Looks amazing

· Can last forever with proper maintenance

· Natural lawns can help cool the environment

· Can increase the value of your home

Let New Found Gardens Help you with Your Garden Landscaping

Whatever you decide, our team can help you get started with building an enchanting green space for your home. If you want to discuss ideas and find out how we can help, feel free to call us on 0401 527 675 and we’ll be more than happy to help.

We also practice strict safety measures and precautions while working on your home. And we constantly update our practice and policies based on the latest information from the Australian government. Let us help you build your oasis.

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